” Emraan Hashmi played on a risky wicket”


The Bollywood superstar Emraan Hashmi is back in business. He started his year with the commercial success of “JANNAT 2” and the critical acclaim of “SHAHNGHAI”.

Now after taking a European Holiday, Bollywood superstar Emraan already found himself in some thick stuff by shooting “Ek tha Dayaan” and promotional activities of “RAAZ 3”.


However Bollywood superstar Emraan is continuing to make some unconventional choices. He also attributes to a conscious decision of not really following the routine.


“This goes with the core ideology that I have followed ever since I started”, says by Emraan. Emraan is the guy who has come a long way from his Bollywood movie “Footpath”. ‘Tumsa Nahi Dekha’ and ‘Jawaani Deewani days, “Whenever I have played on a risky wicket, I have had had success coming my way. I have realized that audience too expects the same from me”.


However, his Bollywood movie “Shahnghai” was not so impressive for the box office even though it again was not a routine outing for the Bollywood superstar Emraan.


“I credit Dibakar for being brave enough to pick such subject and tell a serious story without getting preachy. Personally too it worked for me as I saw good response from audience, trade, industry and critics alike”,says Emraan.

Meanwhile there are hack of a lot better results expected from vikram Bhatti’s“RAAZ 3” which brings Emraan back into the horror zone and will release on 7th September.


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