Emotional Imbalances

When it comes to dealing with life’s everyday botheration, women say they are more receptive to their spouse’s stress than vice versa. Men have a similar vision about themselves and they say the same thing about themselves. But there is a cultural stereotype that women are more supportive than men. This difference in women is due to a women’s natural tendency to nurture.
What changes when married couples are away from the prying eyes. For one, in the real world, women react more quickly to their partner’s stress than men do. Husbands do not always spring into immediate action. It is not that men can not be supportive but it is that they are doing it at the wrong time.
Perhaps some men wait until they are certain their wives are really upset. Or maybe some newly married men are just inexperienced. Most wives complain that men are lacking in care especially when their stress levels are high.
Most women complain that their husbands are not supportive and pay little attention to them and their emotional
needs. Most women feel that their marriages do not.have a proper emotional balance. Very few couple have a totally
harmonious and balanced emotional relationship.

Part of the imbalance, is that wives may not communicate their needs directly to their husbands. Previous research
suggests that spouses, especially women, have roundabout ways of telling their partners that they need extra care and
encouragement. Actually, women are more empathetic and better at reading nonverbal emotions than men, which may
account for speedier female reactions. Women somehow have a better mind in picking up things just as they are
bound to happen.
During times of higher stress,women complain that men have a tendency to compound their distress by becoming
hostile and negative that undermines whatever support men might otherwise give.
It seemsthat what women take from the interaction is the negative. Within unhappy relationships, negative behaviour
outweighs the positive. A marriage will succeed only if a couple’s positive interactions outnumber the negative by a
factor of five.
A modern woman’s stressfulexistence and a man’s inadequate response is the reason why marriages can become
unhappy and breakdown.



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