“Ek tha tiger” Having a sequel.

bollywoodNewly released Bollywood movie “Ek Tha Tiger” is ready to set a sequel at the Box office after its awesome start. The film has earned over Rs.50 crores and is expected to break more records.

The production company has already registered two names “Ek Hai Tiger” and “Ek Rahega Tiger” for the part 2 of the Bollywood film “Ek tha tiger”.

If everything goes well so the film will run successfully on the box office.

The film is breaking records at the Box office. On its first day it earned Rs.30 crores and now it has earned Rs.48.92Crores.

After breaking every record possible to shreds Ek Tha Tiger moved to its 2nd day. As per early estimates the movie would have made 16 Crores on its Day 2 at the Indian Box Office. Ek Tha Tiger had grossed a humongous 32.92 Crores on its Day 1 and its total box office collections till date stands at 48.92 Crores.

The fall was quite expected as Thursday was a working day and not a holiday unlike Wednesday. However, the movie is expected to hit the chords again this weekend. There is no doubt that Bollywood movie Ek Tha Tiger will prove to be an all-time blockbuster at the box office if this movie retains its momentum even for a weekend.

It is also cleared that the film will not hit the theatres in Pakistan. The film is banned in Pakistan; the reason being banned in Pakistan is that it is an anti-Pakistani film, but now it appears that ETT is failed to convince Pakistani board of the benevolent treatment of their country in the film.


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