Eight tips for windows 8

Windows 8

Shutdown easily: Right click on the desktop, click New> Shortcut. In the location field; type “shutdown.exe -s -t 00″ (without the quotes), name it Shut Down, and click Finish. Right click the shortcut, click ‘Pin to Start’. Press the Winkey to go to the Start screen, press the’ shutdown shortcut, and good night!

Instant screenshots: Press Winkey+PrintScreen, the screen will dim for a second, and a full screen screens hot will be saved in a Screenshots folder in the Pictures library.

Create app groups: If you want to categorize apps on the start screen, just click and drag an app into another group, or create a new group by simply dragging the app in between two groups, or drag it to the left or right extreme end. Now you can add more apps to this group!

Name an app group: On pressing the little dash at the bottom left of the start screen, you’ll see a zoomed-out view of all your app groups.
Click a group, and an option to name the group will pop up from the bottom.”

Pin a site to the Start screen: This is for quick access to a website. Open Internet Explorer from the Start screen, open a site that you want to pin, and press the button that looks like a pushpin (hit right click if the bottom bar doesn’t show up). Name it whatever you want, and a tile will be created on the’ start screen. Then you can move it to any app group as explained above.

Refresh your computer: Every once in a while, we need to “reinstall Windows”. That is no longer necessary. Click the Settings charm, click Change PC Settings, click General, scroll down and click the ‘Refresh your PC without affecting your files’ option. This will keep all your files intact despite giving Windows an overhaul.

Set a picture password: Although it’s a simple one, most users wouldn’t have done it yet. Make sure you already have a password set. Go to PC settings from the Settings charm, click Users, and click Create a Picture Password (if you don’t know what that is, a simple Google search would help you out).

Run Modern UI and Classic apps side by side: Open a Modern UI app, and then switch to another app (or to the desktop). Move your cursor at the top left corner of the screen, and drag the other app to the right 0f the screen to snap it in place. This way, you can have Twitter open either side of the desktop while you work!



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