“Eat your Greens.”

fruitsHow many of you have been told as children to “eat your greens” beauty tips? If you’re amongst those who have then you have my sympathies. My parents went the extra mile to ensure I ate my fruits and vegetables by making sure only one meat oriented dish was cooked a day. They also replaced my bags of chips with apples, my sodas with fresh full-pulp juices, my chocolates with a variety fruits I wasn’t at all interested in getting to know, and finally they condemned me to teenage social suicide by withholding my weekly school-lunch allowance and giving me a lunch box full of fruits and vegetables! Finally, I understand why this injustice had to take place.The general benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are more or less common; they both are high in fiber, a great source of natural sweetener, and thus control blood glucose levels. They can also control cholesterol levels, and of course the most common coercive statement: “eat your fruits and vegetables; they are high in vitamins and minerals.”

Balance your vegetable intake between the orange/red and green varieties. The more colorful your choice, the healthier it usually is. As an easy rule, the darker and brighter the color of the vegetable the more vitamins, minerals and fiber they usually contain. For example, spinach contains more nutrients than lettuce. Make sure you balance the more starchy vegetables like com, butternut squash, pumpkin, peas, root vegetables and sweet potatoes with less starchy vegetables like courgettes, green beans, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower. You should aim for three portions of vegetables each day. One portion equates to 80g, which would be a cereal bowl of lettuce, but three tablespoons or so of carrots.Since almost all fruits and vegetables are seasonal, let’s look at a few fruits and vegetables that are mostly in season in our country, some fun facts about them
and some ways to make these fruits and vegetables more interesting so we attempt to eat them!


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