Core Brain Areas

Core brain Areas

Core brain Areas

1) Memory: Having a better memory can help you remember names, find locations & recall important information more quickly & accurately. Scientists have. even tied memory to general intelligence. Each of the following
skills involves the use of memory.
* Remembering names after the first introduction.
* Navigating a new city using mental directions.
* Performance on IQ tests.
* Learning new subjects quickly & accurately.
* RecalliIig the location of objects.
* Calculating figures in your head.
* Remembering visual patterns.

2) Better attention can also improve your ability to filter out distraction, thus increasing your productivity at work & home. Research shows our cognitive exercises improve specific abilities related to attention.
* Concentrating on new challenges.
* Productivity at work or at home.
* Driving safely & quickly.
* Accuracy in sports like golf or tennis.
* Avoiding distractions.
* Peripheral vision.
* Focusing on important tasks throughout your day.

3) Speed includes a variety of cognitive skills that brain training can enhance.
* Reaction time.
* Decision-making in time-sensitive situations.
* Determining the best route through busy traffic.
* Sense of direction.
* Speeding up other cognitive processes.
* Mental visualizations.
* Adapting to changing environments.

4) Flexibility: Getting better at flexibility can help improve your precision, cognitive control, & even your creative thinking.
* Strategic planning ..
* Multitasking quickly & efficiently.
* Thinking outside the box.
* Avoiding errors & mistakes.
* Communicating clearly.
* Resisting temptation & controlling impulses.
* Rapidly shifting your focus of attention.

5) Problem solving skills can help you make quick, accurate decisions. Problem solving represents a diverse category
of cognitive skills & abilities.
* Performing mental calculations.
* Determining the best course of action from multiple options.
* Recognizing. patterns & trends.
* Making quick, accurate estimations.
* Comparing different values.
* General aptitude with numbers.
* Dissecting complex arguments .



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