Cloud brings the shift in software


cloud computingAs is evident from trends, the software industry this-year was driven by a need to increase mobility and accessibility to content that one could find on a desktop or similar systems. While cloud computing was the technology that helped us gain accessibility to remote content, it also increased demand for applications and interfaces that make it easier to access remote content and perform tasks on handheld devices.
The latest operating systems came with cloud computing support built-in. Windows 8, for instance, added support for logging in with a Microsoft account, which leads to carrying your customized settings easily to other Microsoft 8 devices. Its device cloud also allows uploading to and downloading content from your Sky Drive. Mountain Lion, on the other hand, offered an iCloud Document Library as part of
its OS to share documents over iCloud, hence making it easier to sync documents between iOS and OS X devices. Moreover, an API has also been introduced by Apple to allow developers to develop apps that work with iCloud.


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