Charm on Face Groom Your Personality By Makeup Easy, way To Use Makeup:

The most difficult task for the women’s is how to look beautiful. For this reason they spend most of their money in parlor or in cosmetics products. They devote numbers of hours on their makeup. Now we shall discuss the some of the tips of the makeup. The first thing which we always want to remember that is which brand we are using for our makeup for example we use the brands likes Channel, Gucci, Revlon, Loreal etc then the overall result become mind blowing. If you use some local brand the result may or may not be look good.

The first thing which we have to do before starting makeup that is we must cleanser milk of channel to clean the skin because clean skin shows the output of the makeup good. After cleansing we have to base of the any brand by because all the bases of the brand is water proof so there is no effect of weather on the makeup and when we are applying the base then one thing which we have to remember that is not to miss any single spot on face. When the base complete then use the eyeliner of Gucci or channel. Then use the eyeshade kit of channel because there is number of color in the channel eyeshade kit. Use mascara also to prominent your eyes.        

When the eyeshade complete then use lipstick of any brand which you like and which suit you the most after this apply the shade pencil around your lips then use lips glow this will show your lipstick shiny.At the end give final touch to your makeup by using face powder of Gucci.


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