Bollywood Director Farah Shuns Glycerine.


Famous Bollywood director Farah khan might look like a tough woman director, but when it came to facing the camera, she could not let her emotional guard down. Farah khan who is making her acting in Bollywood upcoming movie “Shirin Farhad ki toh nikal pari” actually landed up crying on shoot at one occasion.

The scene was crucial and was in the climax, to shoot which she had decided to not use any glycerine at all.


“It was actually one of the scenes for which I had cried during script-reading sessions. And thus decided to do away with the glycerine that is generally used to stimulate artificial tears. Boman had a monologue to which I just had to react. So before every take, I knew the tears would automatically flow from my eyes. And that’s it, I had tears welling up and flowing down my cheeks.” Said by Farah khan when recalling the sequence.


“Farah was a little nervous when the camera stayed on her for her reactions. She was afraid to do it over and over again only because she thought her tears wouldn’t flow. But to our amazement, every time we did a retake, she hit all the right emotional notes. I believe it was a moment of truth for her in the movie and hats off to her as an actress for pulling it off so well.” Said by Boman.


The Bollywood movie “Shirin Farhad ki toh nikal pari” will release on August 24 2012.


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