Arbaaz Khan not over confident about his upcoming movie DABANGG 2.


The ripples caused by Abhinav Kashyap opting out of the Dabangg led Arbaaz Khan to Step in Immediately. And now it means that the Bollywood Actor Arbaaz khan has to take care of two jobs being a Producer as well as being a director. He also benefitted immensely as the development turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


“I always knew that sooner or later, I would turn director. After all, I couldn’t have been relegated to being producer for the rest of my life,” smiles Arbaaz, “There was a major reason behind my desire of calling the shots. As an actor, I had discovered during last 15 years that I was fascinated more with what went behind the scenes than in front of it. I found it to be more creative. As an actor, sometimes I felt a little restricted as I was not really in control over the roles that I wanted to do. There was some progress though when I started production because I found a little more control coming my way,” details Arbaaz.


However, Same calm and composure has been managed by Arbaaz  khan  when it was first announced that it would be him instead of Abhinav Kashyap.



“I am calm about the state of affairs because you can’t be cocky or over confident about what you to. There is so much that you keep learning on the job,”and Arbaaz smiles before signing of.


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