Application software

application software

This year various new desktop, smartphone and tablet applications were introduced, while existing ones were enhanced to support the core
focus area of the industry, making content readily accessible and easy to share with others. Some of the smartphone apps that made it to the top include Flipboard Рan application to aggregate web content, be it text or video? in a ·magazine layout. Flipboard originally gained popularity as an iOS app, and was later released for Android as well. Android is another app that makes it easier to share files between Android-based smartphones and PCs. Many of the major global industry players also contributed to this run by offering similar applications, like Google Drive Рa cloud storage service by Google that allows you to keep all your content online. Microsoft introduced People Hub as part of Windows 8, which allows you to connect to your friends through e-mail, chat, call or any of the social networks from one single view. When it comes to desktop/tablet browsers, Chrome ruled the game this year followed by Internet Explorer and Firefox. However, IE 10 is being closely followed to
see if it will be a game changer, since it has been primarily designed for tablets. It provides multiple gestures and touch-based browsing features, making it one of the fastest browsers when it comes to tablets. With its ‘Do Not Track’ feature enabled by default, IE 10 is also deemed to offer greater privacy.




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