Apple’s iOS 6

Apples iOS 6

Apple created quite a storm with its first iOS, launched on the first iPhone device in 2007, and has built on the platform ever since. iOS 6.0 promises more than 200 new features. Apple claims its mobile OS is the “WorI9′s most easy-to-use operating system”. iOS is available only for Apple devices the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad; and gives Apple the unique advantage of being designed for specific hardware (or the hardware being designed for the software, however you look at it). According to a Gartner report, iOS currently has I3.n18.8 per cent market share worldwide (2nd Quarter of 2012).


User experience and interface:

iOS features a simple, elegant and outright beautiful user interface – Apple’s hallmark with all its products – and features one home screen. It still does not support widgets or multiple screens. In simplicity and ease of use, Apple’s iOS wins fair and square.


Applications: It’s important for a smartphone to offer you the flexibility to do more than what the manufacturer offers in the boxed device. Applications have become a major factor in smartphone buying decisions and there is no doubt that the Apple App Store leads the race with over 695,000 mobile apps available for download at the time of writing this piece (including both free and paid). These include apps for increasing productivity, business related utilities, religion, and entertain1ent, etcetera.



iOS can be used in 30 lanquaqes, Urdu’ not being among them though, and has more than 50 different keyboard layouts.


usiness use:

Can you use it at work? Yes. iOS works with MS Exchange server and other similar solutions to deliver push e-mail services to keep you in touch with work, even when you’re not in the office. iOS also offers secure  access to private corporate networks via VPN (Virtual Private Network). Document editing and viewing apps are also available on the App Store in both free and paid versions. There is also a productivity suite called “iWork” available.


When first launched, iOS had a major gap – multitasking – you’ could do only one thing at a time. Subsequent versions introduced some level of multitasking. Even the latest version is not one hundred per cent a’multitasker’, but an everyday user will not even feel the difference.


 iOS is based on the ‘OS X’ kernel and supports pseudo multitasking, It has built-in security features against viruses and malware and does not require any separate apps for this purpose. iOS comes packed with ‘Mobile Safari’ as the default browser for the iPhone and the iPad, but Apple does not support Adobe Flash functionality which has been a major concern.

It also doesn’t offer expandable storage and widgets, nor multiple home screens, but it does support multi-core processors.

The latest versions come bundled with Siri – I’m sure you must have heard of the voice assistant – which is miles ahead of any other

voice assistant available on any other mobile OS.



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