Anushka to cut her hairs for the next Bollywood film PEEKAY.

anushka sharma

anushka sharma

Famous Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is setting up for her next Bollywood Film “PEEKAY” with Aamir Khan. The news is that she is cutting her hairs for the Film.


Anushka Sharma has long hairs in her every film till now. But now the stunner Bollywood actress is going to surprise us all with her new short hairs Looks. For the first time she will be seen in a total urban avatar.


Director of the film is Rajkumar Hirani. He saw her short hairs look in a commercial and was mesmerized by her short hair looks. So he opted quickly for a similar hair cut for the film PEEKAY.


”Anushka is going to surprise everyone with this look of hers’ People are going to be shocked to see her in this smashing avatar,” Revealed by a source close to film.


Deepika and Vidya have done their films with short hairs, now its Anushka’s turn.


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